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You can lose a tooth for many different reasons: tooth decay, injury, gum disease, genetic causes, or illness.

If you are living with missing teeth, the experience can take a toll on your ability to enjoy life. At Parklands Dental Practice, we can help you restore your smile and self-confidence.

Why do I need to replace a missing tooth?

Other than for aesthetic reasons, not replacing a missing tooth can lead to further complications. Your bite may become misaligned, causing strain on your neck and chewing muscles.

The area where the tooth is missing can become a breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria can easily spread throughout your mouth, causing gum and teeth infections. A missing tooth often affects your ability to speak clearly. The neighbouring teeth may become unstable and loose, and you will experience bone resorption, which affects your appearance.

What are some of my options if a tooth is missing?

  • Dentures allow you to eat, speak, and smile again with confidence.
  • Dental bridges are not only (fixed in the mouth) but also (appear) completely natural.
  • Dental implants act and look just like a natural tooth and can support a crown, bridge or dentures.

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