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I feel that never before has the smile occupied such an important role in how we live and connect to other people. It can help us to get that perfect job, sell a product or service or attract a new person to our life.


And yet, our pursuit for a perfect smile is all too often undermined by fear of discomfort, vulnerability, pain, guilt or even physical or emotional trauma from visiting a dental office.


When I first met Dr. Sam Thomas it was exactly at that point when the frustration of waiting for a miracle to happen outgrew the worry of going to the dentist in a foreign country. So there I found myself at the mercy of the doctor who happened to be available at that time and was willing to be part of the solution to my searing pain. Thankfully, it was not one of those traumatic experiences, rather one that has altered the way I look at dental procedures today.


For the first time, I felt like I was treated as a person, given the choice over the treatment that would best suit my needs and my wallet instead of just a set of teeth attached to a person.

I was met with respect, compassion and understanding.


Dr.Thomas creates an instant feeling of trust and connection by carefully explaining the problem at hand, offering different alternatives and outlining the details as well as the timeline of the procedure we are about to undergo. And all of that while we are sitting up and not already lying flat in the chair;-)There is no judgment, no criticism, no blaming for not flossing enough or brushing more mindfully, no moralising that we should really cut down on that coffee, there is not an ounce of anything that could leave us to feel guilty or less than.


From the first telephone conversation with the lovely lady at the reception, throughout the procedure and up until the door closed behind me, I felt calm, respected, safe and comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Dr. Thomas has an impeccable bedside manner as well as unrivaled skill and competence. He has not only mastered his craft but also manages to turn teeth into pieces of art, which makes me feel that I am in good hands at all times.


So don't wait too long, is my suggestion. Enhance your life through your mouth and visit Parklands dental practice for a life-changing experience!




All the best,


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I have a had a checkered history with dentists and joined Parklands recently requiring significant work. I have only praise for all the staff from the Receptionist to Sam Thomas, all of whom have treated me with great professionalism and care. I am extremely pleased with my treatment and have no worries about my future visits to the practice. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

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After having two braces when I was younger I decided to have veneers as I was not happy with the gap in my teeth.

I was recommended Sam by a friend and I can honestly say he was fab. I visited a few others prior to this but found I was more comfortable here.
I went for my first consultation where we discussed the options that where available for me, I never felt any pressure, I was always given time to go away and think about what I wanted. 
From that appointment Sam sent me a dental plan for my treatment which was very informative of what would happen at each visit/stage.

Alex who made the veneers contacted me with the veneer mock up for me to choose which style/shape that I would prefer and if there were any changes that I wanted.

The process was quick which is what I was looking for; I had my first appointment on 1st November and had my temps 13th December and my actual Veneers 20th December.

I have never been happier with my teeth and would recommend Sam to anyone who was looking to have veneers.

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My 10 yr old grandson had very discoloured front teeth. After visiting Sam he recommended a course of treatment. Sam put my grandson at ease straightaway and after only 2 treatments teeth are like new. My grandson ( and all the family) are over the moon with the results. Massive thanks Sam a very very happy 10 yr old boy.

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Well where do I start, this dental practice is hands down the best! So clean and calming. Never ever have I felt so at ease I’ve always had major difficulty going to dentist to the point I’d cancel my appointment because I’d get so worked up, the team here are absolutely amazing and I mean each and every one of them. From just a checkup to hygienist and fillings and tooth extraction all exceptional! Cured my fear of dentist I honestly look forward to going to my appointments now, so if your looking for a good dentist and to get your teeth looking in mint condition then this is the dentist for you! Thank you so much guys see you soon.

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