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Some people develop white or brownish spots on their teeth due to too much fluoride in the water or toothpaste as a child, illness, or teeth trauma.

Since it is not a stain, teeth-whiteners will have no effect on a white spot. The entire tooth, including the spot, will lighten but the spot remains visible since it is a different shade of colour than the rest of the tooth.

Traditional treatment of white spots included using veneers or some type of tooth-coloured composite filling material.

ICON® White Spot Removal, a non-surgical method requiring no injections, drilling or use of dental instruments, can remove the spot, restoring a uniform look to the entire tooth.

How is the white spot created?

The subsurface enamel becomes demineralised, causing an imbalance in a certain area of the enamel.

How does ICON® work?

ICON® is a non-invasive procedure whereby the dentist applies a special tooth-coloured gel to the spot.

The ICON® resin formula opens up the pores in the tooth and penetrates deep below the surface of the enamel. The dentist uses pumice to clean the tooth, then dries it thoroughly, usually applying ethanol, and applies a resin infiltrant.

The dentist allows the resin to soak into the tooth for 3 minutes, cured with light, and excess resin removed.
The dentist repeats the procedure, allowing the material to soak into the tooth for 1 minute, then again removes the excess and cures the area with light.

How long do the effects last?

The treatment effect lasts for at least 2 months but often lasts up to 5 years.

Are there any other benefits to using ICON®?

Using the ICON® spot removal treatment uses a resin that blocks certain acids that weaken or wear away tooth enamel, helping prevent tooth decay.

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