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Implant retained dentures attach to dental implants, making it impossible for the dentures to slip or fall out providing more security and enabling you to enjoy more of your favourite foods.

Unlike conventional dentures, implant retained dentures stimulate your jawbone which adds volume to your cheeks and lips restoring a youthful appearance.

How will the dentist fit these dentures?

The dentist will insert strategically placed implants into your jaw made of titanium alloy, which is safe and compatible with human bone. The dentist attaches connecting pieces to the implants called abutments. The abutments attach to the dentures.

How long will the process take?

The process requires several steps, including assessing your suitability for implants, developing a customised treatment plan, scheduling implant surgery, allowing time for the implant sites to heal, and finally fitting your bespoke set of dentures.

You dentist will advise you as to the approximate length of the process after the oral health assessment. But remember, each patient heals differently, so no 2 patients experience will be exactly the same.

How do I care for implant retained dentures?

Because your denture plate is attached to implants embedded in your jawbone, remove all detachable appliances and clean around the attachments, artificial teeth and clean your gums. Remove them at night and soak them in cleaning and disinfecting denture solution.

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