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People with gummy smiles have a larger amount of gum showing when they smile.

This can be caused by 2 reasons, excess gum tissue or short, highly mobile upper lip.

The gums obscure the teeth, making them appear short, although, in reality, the tooth is normal size. Excess gum tissue covers up more of the tooth than in most people.As a general rule, gums that extend up to a tooth more than 1/8th inch produces a gummy smile.

In some patients a short or mobile upper lip causes a vast amount of gum to be shown when smiling.

Are gummy smiles unhealthy?

Gummy smiles don’t adversely affect your oral health. A gummy smile is merely an aesthetic issue. Some may feel self-conscious about having one, and that may affect their overall self-confidence.

What causes a gummy smile?

Saying someone has a gummy smile is partly subjective. However, the causes of your gums covering up more than average compared to other people’s teeth include:

  • The position of your jaw.
  • The length of your upper lip.
  • The shape of your teeth.

How can you treat a gummy smile?

Dermal fillers can add volume to the upper lip, minimising the effect of any excess gum tissue covering teeth. Botulinum injections can also freeze the muscles that causes the hyper mobile upper lip when your smiling.

Braces can also help by realigning the teeth and reducing the effect of the gums on the teeth and smile.

Crown lengthening surgery sculpts the gums and the gum attachment to the bone can also reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.

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