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The Airflow® tooth polishing system uses compressed air to gently blow a water solution to clean your teeth for a healthy mouth and a bright smile.

Airflow® can remove superficial stains and surface-level bacteria from hard-to-reach places that brushing and flossing at home might miss.

Can someone with sensitive teeth use Airflow®?

Airflow® works for all patients, even those with sensitive teeth. The gentle flow of water and the very fine-milled cleaning powder won’t aggravate sensitive teeth. The hygienist does not use any metal tools and does not scrape at your teeth.

Does Airflow® remove all the stains from my teeth?

Airflow® can remove surface stains such as discolouration due to drinking tea, coffee, or red wine.

The Airflow® treatment can’t remove deeper stains, such as stains caused by tobacco that have built up and engrained themselves in the tooth enamel.

Will Airflow® damage my veneers?

No, the Airflow® system will not damage veneers, bridges, crowns, or other dental restorations or appliances. The fine powder used for cleaning is too small to abrade any prosthetic.

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