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Crowns restore the function, shape, and look of a damaged tooth.

Custom made for you here in our lab, a crown is a prosthetic covering that fits over your tooth and blends in with your natural teeth.

Who needs a crown?

Crowns can do several things for you, depending on the problem:

  • If you have a large cavity that requires a lot of filling material, a crown adds support and structure to the tooth.
  • A crown can anchor a dental bridge, stabilise and protect a tooth after a root canal, and provide the false tooth for a dental implant.
  • Crowns can also cosmetically enhance your smile by covering a stained or misshapen tooth.

How does the dentist attach a crown to my tooth?

The dentist will first reshape and prepare your tooth for the crown.
Our dental laboratory, based on a digital impression of your tooth, will manufacture the crown so that it fits the tooth perfectly. Your dentist fits the crown over the tooth and seals it in place with a special dental cement.

Will I be able to tell the difference between my crown and my natural teeth?

A crown functions just like a normal tooth. You will have full chewing functionality and after a short time will not notice any difference between the crown and a natural tooth.

The laboratory will strive to make the colour match the rest of your natural teeth so that your smile appears natural and unchanged.

Click to see real before/after cases on the smile gallery.

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