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Boutique® Whitening uses bespoke trays and a series of increasing potent whitening gels to brighten your smile.

With Boutique®, you can see great results after only a few days of treatment.

You use Boutique® at home using one of two Boutique® Whitening formulas: Boutique® by Day or Boutique® by Night.

What is the difference between the two formulas?

Boutique® by Day uses a 6% hydrogen peroxide formula. The Boutique® by Night uses 10-16% Carbamide Peroxide.

The results tend to be the same no matter which formula you choose.

If you want minimal time wearing the trays with gels, then use Boutique® by Day. If you don’t mind wearing the trays all night while you sleep, try Boutique® by Night.

Why should I use Boutique® Whitening over other forms of teeth-whitening?

Boutique® Whitening provides users with very rapid results using pH neutral gels.

Since the gels are pH neutral, the system is very gentle on your gums and teeth. The formula contains potassium nitrate to help reduce and sensitivity to the whitening process.

The gels have high water content to keep your teeth hydrated and less sensitive during application.

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