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Enlighten’s Evolution™ uses customised trays that you fill with the Enlighten® gel to remove stains and give you a lighter, brighter, smile.

How does Enlighten® work?

Enlighten’s Evolution™ works by increasing your tooth’s permeability to allow the oxygen formula to enter beneath the surface and break up the stain molecules to remove them.

What is the procedure for me to get Enlighten’s Evolution™ from the dentist?

Your dentist takes an impression of your mouth, used to create bespoke trays to wear at home filled with the Enlighten’s Evolution™ whitening formula.

After 2 weeks, you will return to the practice where the dentist will apply the final brightening treatment using an extra-strength formula that a dentist must administer.

This appointment takes about an hour.

How long does the treatment last?

The Enlighten’s Evolution™ treatment plan can last up to 3 years before you need a top-up, depending on your diet and lifestyle habits like smoking.

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